The Catholic Foundation - Work of Heart Award
December 2022

December 2022
Award Winners
John Schram and Jeremy Morse

On December 8, 2022, following all school mass, Michael George, Senior Development Officer, on behalf of The Catholic Foundation, presented The Catholic Foundation’s Work of Heart Award to John Paul II High School faculty; John Schram and Jeremy Morse.
Schram_John Catholic School John Paul II High School Faculty and Staff

John Schram

Computer Science
John Schram has been a member of the JPII team for more than 10 years. John has gone way beyond the normal requirements of a teacher. In addition to John’s regular duties, he helps create ways to improve how we evaluate our students’ performance, and in that process, John makes both our students and faculty better. John is always responsive to students, faculty, and our board alike. When courses/curriculum change, John takes on this behemoth of the task of immediately creating an entirely new curriculum and syllabus for the school year. An example was his willingness to make wholesale changes to an honors program to ensure it met curriculum requirements. The result? More than 20 students completed certificate requirements last year that would have not been achievable previously. John is an excellent Christian/Catholic role model for his family and our school, not only in the visible action of going to mass and participating in Catholic functions but in the less visible Christian qualities. John has provided personal assistance for faculty members in need, even teaching six additional classes for three months for an ailing colleague and personally entering the grades in addition to his own workload. This was done in addition to John’s extracurricular work for JPII, which is considerable. John is not simply a teacher who satisfies school and Diocese requirements. He is constantly looking for ways to improve how we serve our students. Our students recognize his considerable efforts. For the last five years, John has taught a required course in summer school online and the course is so popular that by April of each year the course enrollment is full and students go on a waitlist.
Morse_Jeremy Catholic School John Paul II High School Faculty and Staff

Jeremy Morse

Department Chair - Social Studies
European History
World Cultures
Coach - Women's Soccer
Jeremy Morse has been at JPII for more than 10 years. Jeremy serves the school as a teacher, and department head and still finds time for coaching duties and other volunteer activities. Jeremy will never tell you how much he does or brags about it. Jeremy is the definition of a servant leader and does not want recognition. We probably only know half of what he does for JPII. In a society that tells us to think of ourselves more, Jeremy does the opposite and only thinks of others, that is how he shows his love for the Lord. Jeremy serves everyone around him and sets an example for all who encounter him. If you ever walk into Jeremy’s classroom, you will see engaged students being challenged to be their best. Jeremy sets high expectations for his students because he knows they can meet them. Jeremy is respected and loved by students in his classes and the soccer team he coaches. As a result, Jeremy’s students are high performers, both in the classroom and on the field. Jeremy incorporates his faith into his classroom daily. Once this year, a student asked him questions about the Bible’s historical evidence. Jeremy spent a good deal of time with him after class and told the student that there is tons of evidence out there to prove the Bible is true but at the end of the day, we have to understand that we may not ever understand it all because God is bigger and wiser than all of us. Jeremy explained that faith is just that – knowing we may not ever know it all but believing the Lord is our Savior anyway! When people in our community meet and get to know Jeremy, they see Christ in him.

Congratulations Mr. Schram and Coach Morse, JPII is fortunate and grateful to have you on staff, serving our community and leading our students to be their best.

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