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John Paul II High School is an exceptional place of learning, dedicated to providing a superior spiritual, academic, athletic, and artistic experience in a competitive college preparatory environment and committed to creating Catholic leaders. John Paul II High School students are college-bound, focused, and ready to make an impact at both the local and global levels.

John Paul II High School’s college preparatory curriculum is a rigorous four-year program designed to foster the highest level of readiness, preparing students for their next step in the continuous education process.

It is our goal to help shape John Paul II High School students to become leaders who are critical thinkers and effective communicators, committed to service and rooted in faith. This transformation begins most importantly in the classroom and continues outside of our community. It is also understood that in order for this transformation to occur, excellence must be maintained within the walls of this school. It is this excellence that has carried John Paul II High School to great heights and recognition as an excellent college preparatory school.

School Year Course Offering Guides

Preparing for College

John Paul II High School has social and moral development programs within a robust academic context all while focusing on faith formation. These programs are meant to form students in such a way as to prepare them for college. It is our goal that 100% of our students will matriculate into the college or university of their choice. Preparation begins the moment a student enrolls in our school. With the assistance of our counselors, in close cooperation with students and parents, students select the most appropriate courses to ease their transition into college. It is our goal that each student reaches college readiness by taking the courses in which they can demonstrate qualified mastery, earning the highest grades of which a student is capable.

Robust College Counseling

Starting Freshman Year, every Cardinal works with our Director of College Counseling, Mr. Mickey Saloma, to learn about college and its many opportunities!

Rigorous College Prep

Majority of our student body takes on rigorous coursework  Our Cardinals have success in these courses with 82% Pass Rate with a score of 3+ on AP exams. 

Proven Results

JPII has a consistent record of producing 100% College Acceptance Rates and accumulating almost $18 million in College Scholarships for the Class of 2021.

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school and potentially earn college credit. AP courses challenge students while easing their future transition to college. John Paul II High School offers multiple Honors and AP courses. We encourage all students to consider participation in one or more of these academically challenging courses.

Dual Credit Courses

The Dual Credit Program, in partnership with Saint Louis University, offers students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school and potentially earning both high school and college credit. Dual Credit courses challenge students while easing their future transition to college. John Paul II High School encourages students to consider participation in one or more of these academically challenging courses.

On-level Courses

JPII is a college preparatory high school. While some students will opt to participate in some honors, dual credit, and/or AP classes, many students will take the school’s regular college preparatory classes. These classes are designed to master essential knowledge and skills specific to a given subject and prepare students in the format necessary to master college entrance exams and be extremely prepared to learn at the collegiate level. It is possible for a student to be enrolled in different levels in various courses since placement in one subject is often determined independently of ability in another subject area. If a course is not labeled as honors, dual credit, or AP, it is an on-level course.

Credits Required for Graduation

JPII students must graduate with 29* total credits. Independent Studies, Academic Coaching, and Senior Early Release / Late Arrival courses do not contribute credits towards the 29 credits needed for graduation. Students have at least eight courses scheduled per semester (at least eight possible credits per year) to add to the required total. Students may earn additional credits through some 0 or X hour courses, online classes, JPII summer courses, and other approved programs.

*Beginning with the class of 2027 the total number of credits will be 28.

Graduation Requirements

TOTAL CREDITS29 (28 Starting with Class of 2027)Credits Required to Earn Graduation and a Diploma from John Paul II High School.
English Language Arts4English I, English II, English III, English IV; JPII will not accept 8th grade credit for English I as our curricula and literature selections differ from other schools.
Mathematics4Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one additional selection; students who receive an Algebra I credit from middle school or who have documented a math course level proficiency (e.g., JPII Math Placement Exam) are still required to earn four sequential math credits in high school.
Sciences4Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and one additional science credit
Social Studies and Economics4World Cultures & Geography, World History or European History, United States History, and one semester each of U.S. Government and Macro-Economics
World Languages2Starting with the Class of 2026, two credits of the same world language taken in grades 9-12 are required to graduate. For the Classes of 2024 and 2025: Two years of the same world language. For students who earned credit in 7th/8th grade and who pass the JPII placement test in their language, an additional year of world language is required. Students are encouraged to visit with their counselors regarding world language requirements for college admission.
Theology4Theology I, Theology II, Theology III, Theology IV. Students transferring from a public or non-Catholic private high school will only be expected to complete Theology classes from the time they enter JPII.
Computer Science1All students must take Computer Science.
Physical Education (PE)1In addition to traditional PE classes, courses such as athletics, cheerleading, dance, aerobics, drill team, and the fall semester of marching band may fulfill the required two semesters of PE credit.
Fine Arts1In addition to traditional fine arts classes, courses such as Academic Decathlon, Academic Octathlon, Dance, the spring semester of marching band, cheerleading, or drill team may count towards the required two semesters of PE credit.
Health0.5Students will either take Health I or Health II depending on their grade level. Students who already have Health I credit may take Health II as an elective.
Speech0.5Students may earn speech credit through taking Professional Communications, Debate, Oral Interpretation, Academic Decathlon, Theatre Production, or Musical Theatre.
Electives3 (Starting with Class of 2027 - 2)Students will take additional electives from any department or course offering in the guide (unless the course is labeled as “no credit”). Elective selections can be for personal interest and/or in preparation for college.
Community ServiceHours vary by yearEach year students will have required hours to complete as part of their promotion to the next grade. All hours must be completed in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.

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