College Counseling

College Preparation

It is the mission of the Counseling Office to guide and support students and their families through the college search and application process, working closely with the Director of Counseling and College Counseling. JPII works with students as individuals to understand who they are beyond the classroom and to help them find a college that will provide a challenging and comfortable environment for them on all levels. From the moment students step on campus as freshmen, all students have access to standardized test preparation for the ACT the SAT, and College Essay Writing Workshops.

In order to help students begin to understand and prepare for the college process, counselors meet with students and parents in individual academic conferences beginning freshman year and continuing through junior year. The college counseling process begins freshman year as students are encouraged to understand that college preparation is a compilation of their entire high school academic and co-curricular experience. JPII counselors seek to build an open relationship with students and their families in order to understand all of the factors involved as the college list is developed. Their role is to assist and advocate for students and to make sure that choices (including course selections) are informed and appropriate. 

Our Mission...

to guide and support students and their families through the college search and application process, working closely with the Director of Admissions and College Counseling. 

Class of 2023 College/University Acceptance List(s)
- Updated as of 1/20/2023

Student NameSchools (*Scholarship)
Alex RossignoBaylor University
Creighton University*
University of Dallas*
University of Nebraska
Alexia PatrickAve Maria University*
Case Western Reserve University*
Ohio State University
Alhena KerawalaRice University
Southern Methodist University*
Ali GassUniversity of KentuckyGass
Alyssa Mae MirandaBaylor University
Texas Woman's University
Texas Woman's University*
University of Texas at Arlington
Amanda KinserOklahoma State UniversityKinser
Ansley BogueUniversity of Arkansas
University of Oklahoma*
Arnold BogwayTexas A&M UniversityBogway
Aspen NguyenGeorgetown University
University of Texas at Austin
Ava PlaneyTexas A&M UniversityPlaney
Avery KinzerSt. John's University (NY)*
University of Alabama
Beth Anne HoganCollege of Saint Rose*
Elon University
Fordham University
Saint Michael's College*
University of Vermont*
Caesar R. AlexOklahoma State UniversityAlex
Caleb BurchettBaylor UniversityBurchett
Camila MatosTexas A&M University
University of Indiana
Camille SchachererTexas State University
Baylor University
University of Loyola - New Orleans*
Charles HillOklahoma State University*
Texas A&M University
University of Kansas
Charlie ShueyIowa State University
University of Indiana
University of Kentucky
Christopher HausnerColorado State University*
Purdue University
Iowa State University*
Daniela SanchezInstituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de MonterreySanchez
David BayasAbilene Christian University
Texas State University
David FinecyUniversity of Texas at Dallas
University of Texas at Austin
Diego PosasTexas Tech UniversityPosas
Elan BrownBaylor University
University of Arkansas
Eli CowgillUniversity of Arizona*Cowgill
Elizabeth HoganSt. John's University (NY)*Hogan
Ella OffenPalm Beach Atlantic UniversityOffen
Ella SchmittUniversity of ArkansasSchmitt
Ella WalkerTexas A&M University
Purdue University
Texas Tech University*
University of Oklahoma*
Emily NoyesBelmont University
Benedictine College
Erin BarberAuburn University
Southern Methodist University*
Texas A&M University
University of Oklahoma
Eva TalkingtonVillanova UniversityTalkington
Gianna RenyUniversity of Arkansas
University of Mississippi
University of Oklahoma
Gideon FaulkLouisiana State University*
Manhattan College*
Texas A&M University*
Penn State University
University of Texas at Dallas
Hamilton T. GreeneOklahoma State University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of Oklahoma
Heidi Herrera-WankeLouisiana State University
University of Arkansas*
University of Loyola - New Orleans*
Indya BeranUniversity of North TexasBeran
Jack WoodOklahoma State UniversityWood
Jade BoydOklahoma State University
St. Mary's University*
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Dallas
University of North Texas
Jason LaPorteUniversity of Texas at DallasLaPorte
Jeff AbbottAve Maria University
Jacksonville University*
Nova Southeastern University*
John ChristoforettiUniversity of ArkansasChristoforetti
Jonas AronssonTexas A&M UniversityAronsson
Juancarlos CruzAbilene Christian University*
University of Dallas*
Juliana QuiñonesSouthwestern University*
Baylor University
St. Edward's University*
St. Mary's University
Texas A&M University
Texas Christian University*
Trinity University*
University of Pittsburg
Kailee HelmsOklahoma State UniversityHelms
Keegan ConwayOklahoma State UniversityConway
Kristin NgoBaylor University
Louisiana State University
University of Arkansas
University of Missouri*
University of Texas at Dallas
Kyle MackeyBellarmine University*
University of Notre Dame
Lauren GossUniversity of Cincinnati
St. Bonaventure University*
Layla DimassiSouthern Methodist UniversityDimassi
Libbie RitchOklahoma State University
University of Arkansas
University of Oklahoma
Luke BlasingameOklahoma State University
Texas A&M University
University of Louisville*
Mannie GhreichiUniversity of North TexasGhreichi
Mary Elizabeth MonkTemple University
University of Houston
University of Houston
Mary ProdduturiGeogia Tech UniversityProdduturi
Matthew MonroeUniversity of OklahomaMonroe
Mia BlankSouthern Methodist University*
Texas A&M University
Texas Tech University*
University of Notre Dame
Purdue University
University of Oklahoma*
University of Texas at Dallas
Mia RiccioOklahoma State University*
Southern Methodist University*
University of Oklahoma*
University of Massachusetts - Amherst*
University of South Carolina
Mikhela GibbonsLouisiana State University
Texas State University
Oklahoma State University*
Nadine Al-AmineCollege of the Holy Cross
Drake University*
Loyola University - Chicago*
Penn State University*
St. John's University (NY)*
University of Dallas*
Sarah Lawrence College*
University of Massachusetts - Amherst*
University of Hartford*
Nate PowersGeorge Mason University*
Southwestern University*
St. Edward's University
University of Arizona
Ofri KaufCornell College*
Gordon College*
Illinois Wesleyan University*
Olivia ObiUniversity of ArkansasObi
Patrick McGuiganDrexel University*
Indiana University
Southern Methodist University*
Texas Christian University
Paul CubbageUniversity of Oklahoma*
University of Pittsburg
Oklahoma State University*
Peyton GrayLouisiana State University
Southern Methodist University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas*
University of Oklahoma*
Peyton LassekOklahoma State UniversityLassek
Peyton MinchenkoMontana State University
Northern Arizona University
R. O'Brein CarrUniversity of Cincinnati
Morehouse College*
Ohio State University
Xavier University*
Rachel JosTexas A&M University
University of Texas at Dallas*
Robert IsaksonMichigan State University*
Oklahoma State University*
Ruth JasadiredjaBaylor University
Southern Methodist University*
University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Dallas*
University of Texas at Dallas
Sarah DorseyMontana State University*
Loyola University - Chicago*
University of Colorado
Sarah T. LyonsColorado State University*
Texas A&M University
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Sawyer SmithOklahoma State University
Stephen F. Austin State University
University of North Texas
University of Oklahoma
Sam Houston State University
Sebastian CampoLoyola Marymount UniversityCampo
Sky MoonUniversity of OklahomaMoon
Sofia GarzaSouthern Methodist University*
Texas Christian University*
Trinity University*
Sophia Claire BeachUniversity of Tampa*Beach
Sophia MartinUniversity of OklahomaMartin
Sydney JonesUniversity of Arkansas*Jones
Victoria SiritoDrake University*
Fordham University*
Zachary PlaneyAlvernia University
Belmont Abbey College
Geneva University*
Mercyhurst University*
Slippery Rock University*
St. Bonaventure University*
Texas A&M – Corpus Christi
University of Scranton*
Westminster College*

College/UniversityStudents (*Scholarship)
Abilene Christian UniversityDavid Bayas
Juancarlos Cruz*
Alvernia UniversityZachary Planey
Auburn UniversityErin Barber
Ave Maria UniversityJeff Abbott
Alexia Patrick*
Baylor UniversityElan Brown
Caleb Burchett
Ruth Jasadiredja
Alyssa Mae Miranda
Kristin Ngo
Juliana Quiñones
Alex Rossigno
Camille Schacherer
Bellarmine UniversityKyle Mackey*
Belmont Abbey CollegeZachary Planey
Belmont UniversityEmily Noyes
Benedictine CollegeEmily Noyes
Case Western Reserve UniversityAlexia Patrick*
College of Saint RoseBeth Anne Hogan*
College of the Holy CrossNadine Al-Amine
Colorado State UniversityChristopher Hausner*
Sarah T. Lyons*
Cornell CollegeOfri Kauf*
Creighton UniversityAlex Rossigno*
Drake UniversityNadine Al-Amine*
Victoria Sirito*
Drexel UniversityPatrick McGuigan*
Elon UniversityBeth Anne Hogan
Fordham UniversityBeth Anne Hogan
Victoria Sirito*
Geneva UniversityZachary Planey*
Geogia Tech UniversityMary Prodduturi
George Mason UniversityNate Powers*
Georgetown UniversityAspen Nguyen
Gordon CollegeOfri Kauf*
Illinois Wesleyan UniversityOfri Kauf*
Indiana UniversityPatrick McGuigan
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de MonterreyDaniela Sanchez
Iowa State UniversityChristopher Hausner*
Charlie Shuey
Jacksonville UniversityJeff Abbott*
Louisiana State UniversityGideon Faulk*
Mikhela Gibbons
Peyton Gray
Heidi Herrera-Wanke
Kristin Ngo
Loyola Marymount UniversitySebastian Campo
Loyola University - ChicagoNadine Al-Amine*
Sarah Dorsey*
Manhattan CollegeGideon Faulk*
Mercyhurst UniversityZachary Planey*
Michigan State UniversityRobert Isakson*
Montana State UniversitySarah Dorsey*
Peyton Minchenko
Morehouse CollegeR. O'Brein Carr*
Northern Arizona UniversityPeyton Minchenko
Nova Southeastern UniversityJeff Abbott*
Ohio State UniversityR. O'Brein Carr
Alexia Patrick
Oklahoma State UniversityCaesar R. Alex
Luke Blasingame
Jade Boyd
Keegan Conway
Paul Cubbage*
Mikhela Gibbons*
Hamilton T. Greene
Kailee Helms
Charles Hill*
Robert Isakson*
Amanda Kinser
Peyton Lassek
Mia Riccio*
Libbie Ritch
Sawyer Smith
Jack Wood
Palm Beach Atlantic UniversityElla Offen
Penn State UniversityNadine Al-Amine*
Gideon Faulk
Purdue UniversityMia Blank
Christopher Hausner
Ella Walker
Rice UniversityAlhena Kerawala
Saint Michael's CollegeBeth Anne Hogan*
Sam Houston State UniversitySawyer Smith
Sarah Lawrence CollegeNadine Al-Amine*
Slippery Rock UniversityZachary Planey*
Southern Methodist UniversityErin Barber*
Mia Blank*
Layla Dimassi
Sofia Garza*
Peyton Gray
Ruth Jasadiredja*
Alhena Kerawala*
Patrick McGuigan*
Mia Riccio*
Southwestern UniversityNate Powers*
Juliana Quiñones*
St. Bonaventure UniversityLauren Goss*
Zachary Planey*
St. Edward's UniversityNate Powers
Juliana Quiñones*
St. John's University (NY)Nadine Al-Amine*
Elizabeth Hogan*
Avery Kinzer*
St. Mary's UniversityJade Boyd*
Juliana Quiñones
Stephen F. Austin State UniversitySawyer Smith
Temple UniversityMary Elizabeth Monk
Texas A&M – Corpus ChristiZachary Planey
Texas A&M UniversityJonas Aronsson
Erin Barber
Mia Blank
Luke Blasingame
Arnold Bogway
Gideon Faulk*
Charles Hill
Rachel Jos
Sarah T. Lyons
Camila Matos
Ava Planey
Juliana Quiñones
Ella Walker
Texas Christian UniversitySofia Garza*
Patrick McGuigan
Juliana Quiñones*
Texas State UniversityDavid Bayas
Mikhela Gibbons
Camille Schacherer
Texas Tech UniversityMia Blank*
Diego Posas
Ella Walker*
Texas Woman's UniversityAlyssa Mae Miranda
Alyssa Mae Miranda*
Trinity UniversitySofia Garza*
Juliana Quiñones*
University of AlabamaPeyton Gray
Hamilton T. Greene
Avery Kinzer
University of ArizonaEli Cowgill*
Nate Powers
University of ArkansasAnsley Bogue
Elan Brown
John Christoforetti
Peyton Gray*
Hamilton T. Greene
Heidi Herrera-Wanke*
Sydney Jones*
Kristin Ngo
Olivia Obi
Gianna Reny
Libbie Ritch
Ella Schmitt
University of Central OklahomaJade Boyd
University of CincinnatiR. O'Brein Carr
Lauren Goss
University of ColoradoSarah Dorsey
University of Colorado - Colorado SpringsSarah T. Lyons
University of DallasNadine Al-Amine*
Jade Boyd
Juancarlos Cruz*
Alex Rossigno*
University of HartfordNadine Al-Amine*
University of HoustonMary Elizabeth Monk
Mary Elizabeth Monk
University of IndianaCamila Matos
Charlie Shuey
University of KansasCharles Hill
University of KentuckyAli Gass
Charlie Shuey
University of LouisvilleLuke Blasingame*
University of Loyola - New OrleansHeidi Herrera-Wanke*
Camille Schacherer*
University of Massachusetts - AmherstNadine Al-Amine*
Mia Riccio*
University of MississippiGianna Reny
University of MissouriKristin Ngo*
University of NebraskaAlex Rossigno
University of North TexasIndya Beran
Jade Boyd
Mannie Ghreichi
Sawyer Smith
University of Notre DameMia Blank
Kyle Mackey
University of OklahomaErin Barber
Mia Blank*
Ansley Bogue*
Paul Cubbage*
Peyton Gray*
Hamilton T. Greene
Sophia Martin
Matthew Monroe
Sky Moon
Gianna Reny
Mia Riccio*
Libbie Ritch
Sawyer Smith
Ella Walker*
University of PittsburgPaul Cubbage
Juliana Quiñones
University of ScrantonZachary Planey*
University of South CarolinaMia Riccio
University of TampaSophia Claire Beach*
University of Texas at ArlingtonAlyssa Mae Miranda
University of Texas at AustinDavid Finecy
Ruth Jasadiredja
Aspen Nguyen
University of Texas at DallasMia Blank
Gideon Faulk
David Finecy
Ruth Jasadiredja*
Ruth Jasadiredja
Rachel Jos*
Jason LaPorte
Kristin Ngo
University of VermontBeth Anne Hogan*
Villanova UniversityEva Talkington
Westminster CollegeZachary Planey*
Xavier UniversityR. O'Brein Carr*

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Alternatively, you may contact Melissa Fernandez by email or 469-229-5144.

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Need Based Financial Aid

Merit Based Financial Aid

Questions? We have a great staff that will help as you begin your college search and advocate for, empower, and support you to and through your college decision. 

Mickey Saloma Catholic School John Paul II High School Faculty and Staff

Mr. Mickey Saloma

Director of College Counseling

JPII is proud to have alumni nationally and globally at prestigious universities that cater to our student’s passions and pursuits.

The following schools are among the Classes of 2020 – 2022 acceptances:

Baylor University

University of California, Berkeley

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Arkansas

University of Chicago

Harvard University

Cornell University

Parsons School of Design

Loyola University Chicago

Pratt Institute

Purdue University

Rice University

Southern Methodist University

Washington University in St. Louis

Texas A&M University

Texas Christian University

United States Naval Academy

United States Air Force Academy

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon

University of Southern California

University of Texas at Austin

University of Virginia

Yale University



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