Catholic Schools Week 2023
January 28 - February 3


Sunday, January 29th

Celebrate our Parishes

Students visit our local parishes and represent John Paul II serving as lectors and gift bearers.
Sunday, January 29th
Monday, January 30th

Celebrating our Community

Students will wear a Catholic School T-Shirt (grade school, high school, or college). JPII will honor our non-profit leaders, Police, and Fire Departments with breakfast.
Monday, January 30th
Tuesday, January 31st

Celebrating our Students

Due to inclement weather, today will be an e-learning day. Students, please review the STUDENT E-LEARNING DAY PROTOCOL. While you are safe at home bring to life the JPII spirit and wear JPII spirit wear.

Tuesday, January 31st
Wednesday, February 1st

Celebrating our Nation

JPII students, faculty, and staff show their support and honor for our nation by wearing patriotic clothing.

Due to inclement weather, it is an e-learning day. Students, please review the STUDENT E-LEARNING DAY PROTOCOL.

Wednesday, February 1st
Wednesday, February 2nd

Celebrating Religious Vocations

Mass is being rescheduled due to the inclement weather that has come through north Texas.

The special Mass Honoring Men’s and Women’s Religious Vocations will now be on February 8, 2023. Priests, Seminarians, and Religious are invited to mass, and lunch afterward in the dining hall.

Wednesday, February 2nd
Wednesday, February 3rd

Celebrating our Faculty, Staff, Administration & Volunteers

Events originally scheduled for today, have been rescheduled due to the inclement weather and the students having an e-learning day.

The Pep Rally to cap off Catholic Schools Week has been rescheduled for February 9, 2023, due to inclement weather interruptions during the middle of the week.

Wednesday, February 3rd

This requires several steps:

This must be conducted in person at JPIIHS after above steps have been completed. An appointment can be scheduled by contacting Bill Symon. The following are the policies for which acknowledgement is required:

Helpful Links:

Report Suspected Abuse

TX Dept. of Family and Protective Services
(800) 252-5400 (if an emergency call 911)


Contact at the Diocese of Dallas

Diocesan Director of Safe Environment

(214) 379-2812

Contact at JPIIHS

Rounded Corners Catholic School John Paul II High School Faculty and Staff

Director of Human Resources

(469) 229-5103