Pope St. John Paul II

The greatest challenge to Catholic education in the United States to restore to
that culture the conviction that human beings can grasp the truth of things, and in
grasping that truth can know their duties to God, to themselves and their neighbors.

A JPII Education

John Paul II High School is an exceptional place of learning, dedicated to providing a superior spiritual, academic, athletic, and artistic experience in a competitive college preparatory environment and committed to creating Catholic leaders. John Paul II High School students are college bound, focused and ready to make an impact at both the local and global levels.

John Paul II High School's college preparatory curriculum is a rigorous four-year program designed to foster the highest level of readiness, preparing students for their next step in the continuous education process.
It is our goal to help shape John Paul II High School students to become leaders who are critical thinkers and effective communicators, committed to service and rooted in faith. This transformation begins most importantly in the classroom and continues outside of our community. It is also understood that in order for this transformation to occur, excellence must be maintained within the walls of this school. It is this excellence that has carried John Paul II High School to great heights and recognition as an excellent college preparatory school.


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  • Dr. Marlene Hammerle, Ed.D

Dean of Students

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  • Mr. Mark Polit, M.Ed

Dean of Innovation and Academic Programs

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  • Ms. Melissa Downs, M.Ed

Associate Dean for Learning Services

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  • Ms. Sharon Stout, M.Ed. & M.A.

John Paul II High School