Cardinal Women's Auxiliary

Membership in the CWA shall be open to mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers and to female legal guardians & custodial caretakers of alumni students of JPII who are interested in supporting JPII and its alumni, and who complete membership requirements including completing an approved application and payment of CWA dues. 

Objectives of CWA

  • Foster communications between alumni and alumni parents and current faculty/staff, administration, students, parents and school community
  • Increase awareness and appreciation for Catholic education in the home and school
  • Encourage volunteerism and sharing of talents and ideas to further the mission of the school
  • Facilitate a positive, supportive atmosphere for community building among alumni and alumni parents, current students and parent, faculty/staff and administration

Goals of CWA

  • To support JPIIHS and its alumni
  • To support JPIIHS tuition assistance program
  • To offer opportunities to connect with other JPIIHS alumni
  • To foster community among CWA members and the JPIIHS community

We not only invite you to join at this time, but also welcome your suggestions and input.

Thank you,

Taunya Luna
, President
JPIIHS Cardinal Women’s Auxiliary

CWA Board

  • President - Taunya Luna
  • Vice President – Rhonda Gray
  • Recording Secretary – Jeanne Larson
  • Corresponding Secretary – Shannon Tyler
  • Treasurer - Maria Boddicker
  • Program Director – Amy Sachnik
  • Communications Director – Melissa Garrett
  • JPIIHS School Liaison - Lisa Schumacher
  • Parliamentarian - Sheri Miller
  • Historian - Norma Hunter
  • Christian Service Coordinator - Jane Walsh
  • Pray Chain - Roseann Kendall
  • Christmas Bazaar - Caroline Bogue

John Paul II High School

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