Bishop Grahmann Award

In Honor of Bishop Charles Grahmann, D.D., in recognition of his support of John Paul II High School, for students who exemplify the qualities of the school mission statement through their academic performance, faith journey, citizenship, and leadership.

Award Recipients

May 2023

Elizabeth Hogan Class of 2023 Sr. Pic
Elizabeth Hogan
Class of 2023
John Christoforetti
Class of 2023

March 2023

Alexia Patrick
Class of 2023
O'Brein Carr
Class of 2023

January 2023

Kaitlyn McIntyre
Class of 2023
Jeffrey Abbott
Class of 2023

october 2022

Taylor Haggan
Class of 2023
Luke Blashingame
Class of 2023
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This requires several steps:

This must be conducted in person at JPIIHS after above steps have been completed. An appointment can be scheduled by contacting Bill Symon. The following are the policies for which acknowledgement is required:

Helpful Links:

Report Suspected Abuse

TX Dept. of Family and Protective Services
(800) 252-5400 (if an emergency call 911)


Contact at the Diocese of Dallas

Diocesan Director of Safe Environment

(214) 379-2812

Contact at JPIIHS

Rounded Corners Catholic School John Paul II High School Faculty and Staff

Director of Human Resources

(469) 229-5103

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