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Planned Giving

"Nobody is so poor that they have nothing to give. Nobody is so rich that they have nothing to receive."
- John Paul II
Making a gift for the benefit of John Paul II after you are gone is a wonderful way to create a lasting legacy and ensure that the education and formation you and your family have received will be there for generations   to come. For more information or to answer your questions about a possible gift, please contact Director of Development Sara Sanders at 404.374.5667 or 
The John Paul II School Endowment Fund of The Catholic Foundation
John Paul II High School has established a permanent endowment fund at The Catholic Foundation that is uniquely ours which will provide annual support for our facilities as well as funds for scholarships, our programs and operating expenses.
You can specify that your gift is added to our endowment or for a specific need at the school.

Bequest from Your Will or Living Trust
You can easily make a charitable gift of a specific dollar amount, percentage of your estate/trust, a certain asset or make the John Paul II High School Endowment Fund a “residual beneficiary”. In addition to a very generous charitable gift, your trust or estate receives an estate tax deduction as well. Click here for more information on bequests and specific wording options that may be appropriate for your will or trust.
Beneficiary Designation from a Retirement Plan
By designating the John Paul II High School Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of your IRA or retirement plan, you support important our work and avoid both estate and income tax. All that‘s required is to name “The Catholic Foundation for the benefit of the John Paul II High School Endowment Fund” as beneficiary for a portion or all of your IRA or qualified retirement plan.
Charitable Gift of a Life Insurance Policy
You can assign whole life insurance policies and name “The Catholic Foundation for the benefit of the John Paul II High School Endowment Fund” as beneficiary. In return for your generosity, in most cases you receive a tax deduction for the premiums you have paid on the policy.
If you need more advanced information about planned giving, we have partnered with The Catholic Foundation to provide you with the most up-to-date ways of fulfilling your charitable intentions. Click here to access The   Catholic Foundation website or call them at 972-661-9792.

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