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Weekly e-newsletters for the
2020-21 school year. 

Below is a list of key contacts for your immediate use.
Academic Questions: Dr. Marlene Hammerle
(469) 229-5178
Technology/Operations Questions: Mr. Bob Gharis
(469) 229-5206
Students Questions: Ms. Melissa Downs
(469) 229-5156
Admissions/Tuition Assistance Questions: Mrs. Lauren Westerfield
(469) 229-5195
Enrollment/Re-Enrollment/Tuition Questions: Mrs. Lizette Belloni
(469) 229-5116
Fine Arts Questions: Mr. Michael Browning
(469) 229-5128
Athletics Questions: Mr. George Teague
(469) 229-5217
All JPII communication regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the 2020-21 school year will be posted here.

October 15, 2020
Dear Cardinal Parents and Staff:
This is a letter from Dr. Vereecke, Superintendent of Schools, giving you an update on the Corona Virus for the schools in the diocese.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or one of the Deans.
Blessings and Continued Prayers,
Dr. Marlene Hammerle
John Paul II High School


October 4, 2020

Dear Cardinal Parents and Students:

We hope that as we go into the last week of the first quarter, your students, whether on campus or online, have been successful for the first grading period.  For those of you who selected to have your students learn online for the second quarter, your commitment is from October 13 through December 18.  The following is information that both on-campus and online students will need for the 2nd quarter. 

Attendance:  Please make sure that if your student is absent (whether on campus or online) that you turn in a note to the attendance office within 24 hours.  Mrs. Kim Smith is the administrative assistant over attendance (   If a student is 20 minutes or more late to a class, this is considered an absence.  It is either excused or unexcused depending on the excuse. Remember that students must be in compliance with the 90% rule for attendance each semester. If not, the student will need to ‘make up’ time to earn the credit.  

Cameras/mics Being Installed:  With the cameras and mics being installed for the 2nd quarter, learning for all students will be synchronous which means online students will be learning and participating in real-time in all classes. 

Dress and Grooming Code:  For the students on campus, blazer season begins on Monday, November 2.  Blazers are required to be worn until right before spring break.  Sweatshirts do not take the place of blazers. For the online students, they will continue to wear their uniform shirt or a JPII spirit shirt along with appropriate pants.  Boys:  Remember the requirement for grooming - clean-shaven, hair length according to school policy.  

Eligibility:  A reminder that for ALL students (on-campus and online) who participate in athletics, cheer, drill, or fine arts and other extracurricular activities must be passing every class to remain eligible at the end of the quarter. There are no exceptions to that rule.  If a student fails one class, the student becomes ineligible but may regain eligibility as soon as the student’s teacher posts a passing grade along with the student sitting out one performance or game. If a student receives an incomplete ‘I’, the student is ineligible until a passing grade is posted along with sitting out one performance or game.  If the student fails two or more classes, the student will remain ineligible for a minimum of three weeks per TAPPS rules until the progress report shows the student is passing ALL of their classes, not just the classes he/she failed at the end of the quarter.

Enrollment for 2nd Quarter On Campus:  Has increased.  We will be looking at classes that are larger and checking to see if the class can accommodate the extra students or if we will need to use one of the presentation halls or even the Athenaeum which has been set up to hold a class. 65% of the classrooms have desks six feet apart and the average across the building is 5.7 feet apart.  We appreciate your trust in JPII keeping the students and staff on campus safe. We have worked hard to make sure that the safety protocols are followed.

Final Exams:  Will be administered online and all students should plan to be at home during exam week, December 15-18.  Seniors in one-semester courses (e.g. Government, Personal Finance, etc.) and who meet the exemption requirements of attendance and grades will be able to qualify for a first-semester exam exemption.  This is only offered to seniorsThere are no practices or meetings during exam week. Here is the schedule for December 15-18.

Homecoming Week:  October 19-23. We will still have homecoming week activities (dress down days, house decorating, mums/garters, etc.), but because of CDC, Diocesan, and state regulations at this time, we will have to limit the number of people attending the game.  We are not permitted to have an indoor pep rally but are planning a pep rally outside on October 20 in which the seniors can attend (it will be streamed for everyone else to see). We are also not permitted to have a homecoming dance but may postpone a celebration to the spring if guidelines are relaxed and we are allowed to have something then.  You will receive more details about Homecoming Week soon.

Lunch - For on-campus students purchasing lunch:  We will continue to require that students use their badges daily to access their mealtime account for the foreseeable future.  Cash will not be permitted because of the handling of money and change. Please make sure that you have deposited money into your student’s account or have your student drop off a check to the dining hall so that your student does not have a negative balance. At this time, we will continue to use the dining hall and three presentation halls for the students to eat their lunch.  Seniors will be able to eat in the senior courtyard provided there is space and weather permitting.  All students must practice social distancing and wear their masks at any time they are not eating.

PSAT:  Will be administered on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 to both on-campus and online students.  Students must be in their testing rooms and in their seats no later than 8:30 a.m.  They will need their own calculator and two sharpened pencils.  This is a 12:30 early dismissal day with no lunch.  We expect all rides here on time to pick up students.  There will be a staggered dismissal just as we normally would.  Students whose parents cannot be here at 12:30 will need to wait for their rides in the assigned presentation halls. All students must be picked up no later than 2:00. The plan for online students taking the test is that they will enter through the far back entrance in the junior house, test in assigned classrooms in the junior house and exit from the same door they entered. They will have their temperature checked and answer the COVID questions when they enter the building.  Parents of online students can pick them up in the student parking lot since seniors will not be here that day.  We will have a staggered dismissal. The online students will be the first to be dismissed and will exit from the same door they entered. Then sophomores will be dismissed through the junior exit; next will be the freshmen through the front entrance along with juniors who do not drive; the ones who drive will be the next group dismissed and finally, the last group will be all of the students who need to wait for their rides in the presentation hall.  Please text your students when you will be here and where you are located.  Senior Enrichment Day:  Will also be Wednesday, October 14. Seniors can work on college applications/essays or schedule a college visit.  They will not be on campus on this date as we are administering the PSAT to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.

Rainy/Inclement Weather Dismissal:  Just a reminder that if the weather is bad students must show their last period teacher their parent’s text that they are here and where they are located so that your student when dismissed knows exactly where to go.  If students have not heard from you, they will need to go to the assigned presentation hall to wait until you let them know that you have arrived. We cannot allow students to wait in a large group outside for any length of time.

Reminder of Safety Protocols:  Please make sure that you take your student’s temperature before coming to school.  If your student has a fever of 100+ or not feeling well, please keep him/her home.  Also have your student prescreen the COVID questions.  The students’ temperature will also be taken at school and will be asked to respond to the COVID questions. Students are asked to wash their hands often, to use the sanitizer stations located around the building frequently and to practice social distancing throughout the day.  The disinfectant used in the school for classrooms and all areas is good for 90 days and the sanitizers at the front of the building and at the junior house entrance are good for 24 hours.  We are asking that you and your students avoid large gatherings where there could be possible exposure for COVID.  The few positive COVID cases we have reported have been from outside of JPII.  We live in challenging times and must do everything possible to keep our students and staff safe.

Students doing their work:  We encourage you to check the teacher’s gradebook to see where your students are, their current averages and what assignments may be missing. This is the second half of the semester and final exams will be administered at the end of 2nd quarter. (see above)  We also encourage you to keep a line of communication between you and your student’s teachers so that there are no surprises for you regarding your student’s progress. 

Student Expectations at Lunch:  Students are expected to put on their masks after they finish eating if they wish to visit with their friends.  Beginning 2nd quarter, students who do not follow this policy will receive an automatic Saturday School.  Lunch can be the most vulnerable time for students and staff and we need to assure that this protocol is followed to keep all students safe.

We have had a great first quarter.  The on-campus students have done what we have asked them to do and we are proud of how everyone has ‘stepped up to the plate’ to keep everyone safe.  Our online students have also kept up with their work and are doing a good job. The cameras will be a wonderful addition to their learning in real time. We know that the second quarter will be just as strong. Thank you for your continued support and partnership during these unprecedented times for all schools. Remember that we are all in this together.  If you have any questions regarding procedures or operations,  please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the Deans.

Psalm 16:8  I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Blessings and Continued Prayers,

Dr. Marlene Hammerle, Principal


September 25, 2020

To Parents of 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Students:

Every year John Paul II High School administers the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test). The test is a preview of one of the college entrance tests, the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). This year the test is being administered at JPII on Wednesday, October 14 to both on campus and online students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.  The date will be a 12:30 pm dismissal day with no lunch. Please be sure to pick up your students at this time.  

For online 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students, parents need to complete this form by Wednesday, September 30.  Completing the form with a ‘yes’ indicates you would like for your student to take this important pre-college admissions test on campus.  We will need to know this in order to prepare for the number that will be here and assigning their testing rooms.  PSAT will not be offered online at JPII. 

All students taking the test must report to their testing rooms by 8:30 am.  JPII Online students who have decided to come to campus will have their own set of rooms to take the test and will report to the junior house where they have been assigned testing rooms and will use the junior house back entrance/exit so they can enter and leave after the test without traveling through the rest of the building. A staff member will take their temperature and prescreen the online students when they enter the building. Parents of online students can pick up their students in the student/staff parking in the back since seniors will not be present on this day.  

I am currently going into the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade classes explaining the importance of this test and how to prepare. The links to the PSAT information are included so that you and your students can review them. 

This is the year 11th graders will be considered for National Merit semi-finalist and commended status if they make the cutoff selection index score for Texas. The 10th graders will be taking the same test as the 11th graders.  The 9th graders will be taking an 8/9 PSAT and will basically test the students over 8th grade content but it will be in the format of the SAT. 10th and 11th graders should have the PSAT test booklet with last year’s test.  At minimum, they should be using this to practice last year’s test.  But all of our students, including 9th graders, should have an account with the College Board and with Khan Academy.  These sites also have practice questions that they can use to prepare.  Students should not go into the PSAT blind. They must prepare for the test if they are serious about being accepted to the college of their choice. The PSAT is taken every year through 11th grade in order to prepare them for their college entrance tests - SAT and ACT which are typically taken in the spring of their junior year. It is their test journey at John Paul II High School.

Students need to have their calculators, two #2 sharpened pencils and report to their testing rooms and in their seats no later than 8:30 am on October 14.  Please make sure that your students get enough rest the night before and eat a good breakfast (but not too heavy) that morning.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me, Dean Melissa Downs (  or Mrs. Pam Malouf (, the counselor over testing. 

Blessings and Continued Prayers,

Marlene Hammerle, Ed.D
John Paul II High School

September 21, 2020
Dear Cardinal Parents and Students:
We will have a prayer service this Wednesday, September 23.  You can find the schedule here.  If you are online, please note the times that classes begin and when it ends.  The service will be live streamed into the classrooms.  Our Catholic Identity is an integral part of the education and formation that students receive at JPII. Thus, both prayer services and all school Masses will continue to be scheduled.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Dr. Hammerle


September 18, 2020

Dear Cardinal Parents:

We hope your student has been successful in the first quarter whether on campus or online.  In order to plan for the second quarter, we need to know if you are going to move your student(s) from the online platform to back on campus or from on-campus to online.  If you remain or move to online learning, that commitment is until the end of the semester which is December 18, 2020.  We feel that we have done a great job implementing all of the required safety protocols and even going beyond the requirements.  Students and parents have been very cooperative in following the protocols to keep everyone safe.

The form for you to complete is HERE.  Please submit the form with your decision by Wednesday, September 23 to give us time to plan for the 2nd quarter and make adjustments. The end of 1st quarter is Thursday, October 8.  Students will have Friday, October 9 and Monday, October 12 off.  Second quarter will begin on Tuesday, October 13 and the PSAT test will be administered on Wednesday, October 14 to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.  The 14th is also “senior enrichment day” where seniors can work on college applications/essays or schedule a college visit.  They do not have to be at school on October 14.  Whatever you decide to do, we are committed to assuring the success of both on-campus and online students. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or one of the Deans.

Blessings and Continued Prayers,

Dr. Hammerle

September 6, 2020
Dear Cardinal Family:
This is 'Meet the Teacher Week.'  Since we could not have Meet the Teacher Night in person, we decided to have the teachers make videos to introduce themselves to you. Below you will find the link to the teacher videos that you can view at your leisure this week. Also, September 18 is the parent-teacher conference day.  You will be sent instructions as to how to make an appointment with your student's teachers that you would like to speak to.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your student's teacher, counselor, or me.
We hope that your student has had a good start to the new school year and look forward to our partnership this year.
Dr. Marlene Hammerle

September 1, 2020

Dear Cardinal Parents and Students:

Regular Schedule: Thank you for your patience as we transitioned into reopening our school.  We are now in the last phase of our reopening with the regular schedule being in place from 8:40am - 2:45pm for both on-campus and online students. The few hiccups that we did encounter were handled.

Arrival to School:  Students are well into the routine of having their temperatures taken and answering the COVID-19 questions.  Please do the pre-screening at home and if your student has a temperature of 100+ or answers yes to any of the COVID questions, keep them home.

Dismissal/Pick up of Students:  Thank you for picking up your students at 2:45pm.  If you cannot pick them up at that time, please tell your student to go to the presentation hall or to tutorials to wait for your text.  Students are not permitted to stand outside to wait for their rides if rides are not going to be here at dismissal.  It will take them time to get used to standing apart between passing periods and after school.  But they are cooperating and doing a good job.  As you were told in the “Desk of the Deans” memo,  the consequence for not wearing masks properly and not wearing masks until they get to their vehicle will be similar to what we do when students do not have blazers for Mass.  The student’s badge is taken up and an automatic Saturday School is assigned which is $30. Everyone has to do their part in keeping all students and staff safe.

Lunch:  Lunch actually went very smoothly; students had to get used to being handed everything, so they actually had more time to eat.  We have told them “mask off to eat and mask on to talk.”  This will take some getting used to.  We did run out of hamburgers and personal pizzas the first day --- typical of young people!  Please have your students check the menu, the link is here (Dining Hall Menu) and rank their choices in case one item runs out.  There are four stations in the servery.  Just so you know, we stagger the release of the students to lunch with a few classes at a time so that 180 students are not dismissed at once.  There are three lunches.  We will rotate the dismissal for the lunch period every week so that the same classes are not dismissed first every day.  The classes are grouped by color.  There are circles on the floor six feet apart to indicate where the students wait. They sanitize their hands before getting their tray.  The lines have been moving quickly.  If a student has brought their lunch, they may go directly into the dining hall or have been told if they do not need a drink or to heat their food, they may go straight to one of the assigned presentation halls.  Seniors may use the senior courtyard weather permitting, where the tables have plexiglass and are marked where they may sit. There is a limited number that can be in the courtyard.  We have assigned staff to be on duty in each of the lunch locations.

Attendance: Please make sure that students are here on time.  Tardies and absences count towards the 90% rule on attendance.  If a student is 20 minutes late, this is considered an absence, and whether it is excused or unexcused will depend on the reason and documentation.  This also applies to online students.

Grades: For both on-campus and online students. Encourage your students to keep up with their work.  All assignments, videos, resources are in Google Classroom.  I will be going into all of the classes, once the cameras and mics are set up and talk to the students about this year, the PSAT which they will be taking in October, the importance of completing their work on time, their grade point average, and other pertinent information that they need to know.  You have access to your student’s teacher’s grade book in Cardinal Connect and can check your student’s average at any time.  I strongly recommend that you communicate with your student’s teachers whenever you have a question or concern.  

Meet the Teacher Week:  Will be September 6 - 12.  Since we cannot have the regular Meet the Teacher Night this year, we decided to have a “Meet the Teacher Week.”  The teachers have made videos introducing themselves to you and communicating with you some pertinent information.  You will be receiving instructions on how to access the videos.  With students typically having 7-8 classes, we wanted you to view the videos at your leisure during the specific week listed above.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Will be Friday, September 18.  This day is a student holiday.  You will receive information from your student’s teachers on signing up for a time to virtually meet with them if you would like to.  These conferences will be virtual via Zoom. This is for both on-campus and online students.
Rain/Bad Weather Dismissal: Was shared with you on Monday.  Please read the procedures so that you are aware of what to do.

We are off to a really good start considering the challenges all schools are facing.  Yes, it will be a different year.  Yes, there may be some days/weeks that will be challenging.  But know that we have an incredible staff who care not only about what your student learns but also cares about their health, physical and emotional wellness, and their safety.  And finally, we are very grateful to have your students whether they are on campus or online.  They have been respectful and cooperative throughout the transition.  Thank you for your involvement and for being part of the Cardinal Family! 

Blessings and Continued Prayers,

Dr. Marlene Hammerle, Principal
Mr. David Gaffney, Dean of Students
Ms. Melissa Downs, Dean of Innovation and Academic Programs


August 24, 2020

Dear Cardinal Parents and Students:

Thank you for your patience as we moved into each phase of our reopening.  Each phase has gone smoothly with a few hiccups to sort through. The students who came on campus were certainly happy to be here and to see their teachers in person.  We are now going into the last phase of our reopening beginning Wednesday, August 26.  This will be our schedule moving forward unless there are some unforeseen circumstances that cause us to change.

For August 26 Going Forward:
    • Here is the bell schedule for August 26 and going forward.
    • Please refer to the directions for August 20 -25 for both on-campus and online students as most of the directions will be the same except for lunch. Important Reminders for August 20-25.
    • Make sure that you have deposited money into your student’s mealtime account.  ***Cash will NOT be accepted the first nine weeks of school, possibly longer. In order to purchase a meal, there must be money in the student’s account. Students must use their ID when they purchase a meal so that their account can be charged.
  • The dining hall will be open for breakfast each morning from 7:30 - 8:25. It is first-come, first-served because of limited seating in the dining hall.
  • There will be three lunch periods scheduled during the 3rd and 7th periods. In order to maintain social distance, we will be using the dining hall and several of the presentation halls for the students to eat their lunch.  Plexiglass is being used for each of the tables in the dining hall.  Only two per table will be permitted. Masks are required during the lunch periods except when eating. Presentation halls will seat 30 students socially distant. Students will not be permitted to move their chairs to another table or if in the presentation hall to get closer to other students. Students are asked to be quiet while they eat but are required to put their masks back on to talk to other students, who are still socially distant.
  • The school menu for the next month will be in the newsletter and on the school website. Dining Hall Menu The meals will be prepackaged, still freshly made, and all four stations in the servery will be used. Students will just need to get used to being handed everything, including a tray. The tray will be required. The cost of lunch had to go up 50 cents and will now be $6.25 because of the extra cost of packaging materials and disposables. Lunch still includes bottled water and canned soda. Remember again that you must deposit money into your student’s Mealtime account if your student purchases breakfast or lunch.  Cash WILL NOT be accepted in the first nine weeks, maybe longer.
  • Students who have brought their lunch may purchase their drink in the dining hall, heat their food if they need to, and then go to the presentation halls. There will be duty people in the presentation halls and in the dining hall. 
  • Dismissal from this time forward will be at 2:45. (and this includes the online students).  We strongly encourage you to pick up your students at this time. Information from the  “Desk of the Deans” regarding dismissal was sent to you including updates on operational procedures. 082320 JPII Daily Procedures Update. If rides are not here, students must report to the assigned presentation halls, practices, or to tutorials until the student's ride is here and you have notified your student. Junior presentation hall for 9th and 10th graders and senior presentation hall for 11th and 12th graders will be used for the ‘after school gathering.’ Students are not permitted to wait outside or stand in groups outside. They will need to report immediately.  There will be no lag time for the students to report as was done last year. School will close every day at 5:00 unless students are in an athletic or fine arts practice. 
  • Students who drive must come into school immediately when they arrive and leave right after school.  Students will not be allowed to remain in their cars or congregate by their cars in the parking lots or anywhere on campus.
  • For Online Students:  Your commitment is to continue online instruction through the end of the first quarter, October 8.  There will be no changes approved to move from online to on campus.
  • The new cameras and mics should be installed by mid-September in which the online students will be learning synchronously along with the on-campus students.
  • Just a reminder that parents and volunteers are not allowed in the building unless you have an appointment with an administrator, the business office, or admissions. The receptionist will confirm first and then conduct the required screening.
  • HERE is our most updated school calendar for 2020-2021.
Please read the school’s weekly newsletter which will include the latest information along with other information that you may want to look up on our website. Thank you again for your patience as we transitioned back into school. There has been a lot of thought put into our reopening. 
There still may be some ‘tweaks’ made.  As we have told the staff and students, “We will pivot and not panic.”  Our priority is to keep our students and staff safe at the same time providing an excellent college preparatory foundation. We appreciate your cooperation and encouragement of your students who are on campus to follow all of the safety protocols we have put into place. Everyone must do their part in making sure we are all kept safe.
Blessings and Continued Prayers,
Dr. Marlene Hammerle, Principal
Mr. David Gaffney, Dean of Students
Ms. Melissa Downs, Dean of Innovation and Academic Programs


August 17, 2020
To Cardinal Parents and Students:
So far, the first phase August 10 - 19 with all students online, has gone very smoothly.  Hopefully, students understand the expectations communicated by their teachers for both on-campus and online groups. Beginning Thursday, August 20 students will be either on-campus or online. Our number one priority is to make sure that students and staff on campus are safe and to assure that our online students receive excellent instruction. This is the list of very important reminders for the 2nd phase of our reopening, August 20-25. Thank you in advance to you and your students for reading over this information. Please encourage your students to follow all of the required safety protocols we have put into place when on campus.

  • Here is the bell schedule for August 20-25 with 12:30 dismissal and no lunches. Both groups (on-campus and online) will follow this schedule.
On-Campus Students:
  • The school opens at 7:30 am. Students may enter through the junior house or the main entrance at the front. Athletes are required to be screened by their coaches before entering their practice and after practice will enter through the freshman house.
  • Get into the habit of using the sanitizer station located at every entrance.  This is good for 24 hours, even though you are washing your hands during the day.
  • Please be sure to have a copy of your schedule with you. 
  • Have your temperature taken before you get to school.  If 100 +, then please stay home.  Be familiar with the COVID questions that will be asked of you every day. Your temperature will also be taken at school and you must verbally answer the COVID questions before being allowed to report to the assigned presentation hall or to go to your class. If your temperature is 100+, your parents will be called to pick you up. Please follow the social distance policy as you wait to have your temperatures taken. 
  • Students - You must be in compliance with the dress code.  If on campus, you must be in your school uniform.  Girls, make sure that your skirts are at an appropriate length.  Boys - No facial hair and hair length must be in compliance with JPII dress and grooming code. Remember: Hair color that is not a natural color is not permitted. 
  • If you arrive before the first bell, please report to your grade level assigned presentation hall until the bell rings at 8:35 to go to your 1st/5th period class. The first class will begin at 8:40. Once again, you are not permitted to congregate in groups around the building. You must practice social distancing once you enter the building and throughout the school day.
  • Staff members will be in different areas of the school to help you to get to your classrooms.
  • Make sure you are on time for each of your classes.  You must comply with the 90% attendance regulation. This began the first day of school, August 10th.
  • All of your teachers’ assignments, notes, videos, and resources will be located in Google Classroom. You should already know how to access this and if not, please ask our teachers. 
  • During passing times, you are to follow the social distancing policy (at least 6 feet apart) and have enough room between you and the other students in the halls. ‘Walk and Talk.’ Make sure to walk on the right side of the hall going to your classes. Students are to get to their next class as quickly as possible.
  • Breakfast will be served during this transition. On August 20, you will need to let the cashier know your name/grade and your account will be charged.  Students will receive their badges during 2nd period on August 20 and will use their badges for meals that they purchase.  If students wish to purchase breakfast, this will be available from 7:30 - 8:25. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Food will not be allowed out of the dining hall. There is a limited number of students who will be able to sit in the dining hall. Remember that cash will not be accepted for the first nine weeks of school, possibly longer.  Students must have money in their Mealtime account in order to purchase meals. 
  • Students - When you eat, we ask that you eat quietly, per the diocesan guidelines. When you finish and if you wish to talk to your friend at your table, make sure to put your mask back on. Do not move your chair to sit closer to the next table.  This is not permitted.  We must adhere to the social distance policy.
  • During this second phase, August 20-25,  parents are expected to pick up their students at 12:30 but no later than 2:00. Students whose rides are not here at 12:30 will need to report to either the junior presentation hall (9th and 10th) or senior presentation hall (11th and 12th) until your ride arrives. Students are not permitted to wait outside for their rides.
  • Masks are required to be worn during the entire time you are in the building, except when you are eating your lunch.
  • All water fountains are closed.  You should bring your own water bottle but can also purchase bottled water in the dining hall or machines. You are not allowed to share your water bottles.
  • Remember that visitors and volunteers are not allowed in the building unless you have an appointment with an administrator or the admissions office. The receptionist will confirm this.  Once confirmed, she will take your temperature and ask you to answer the COVID questions.
  • Once again, for the safety of students and per CDC guidelines, students cannot congregate in groups before school, during passing periods, at lunch, or after school both in the building or anywhere on campus, including parking lots and cars.   Once again, students must comply with all of the safety protocols. 
Online Students;
  • Important Reminder:  Your commitment to being online is until the end of the quarter which is October 8.  If you decide to remain online or change to on-campus, this renewal must be done by October 8.  The commitment form should be submitted by Monday, August 17. 
  • Students - You must comply with the online dress code:  your uniform shirt or JPIIHS spirit shirt and appropriate bottoms.  No facial hair for boys; and boys hair length should be in compliance with the JPII dress and grooming code. For all students, your hair color should be a natural color.  Different hair colors are not permitted.
  • You are expected to be on time for each of your classes. Attendance will be taken every period, every day. Your teachers should have told you if you are expected to sign in via zoom, google meet, or google classroom during this phase.  
  • Your teachers should have communicated how they want you to sign in to their classes, their expectations, and tutorial times.
  • All of your assignments, notes, videos, and resources will be in Google Classroom just like the on-campus students.  Make sure to get into the habit of turning in your assignments to your teachers on time. Some of your teachers have already begun to assign work.
  • If you are online and participating in JPII activities such as sports, fine arts, cheer or drill, or other activities, make sure to report on time to the activity/practice/class and appropriately dressed. If you are not in sports, some of your directors may require that you report in your school uniform. Please follow the directions of your coaches and directors. You are not permitted to enter or wander around the building. Coaches/Directors are responsible for taking your temperature and have you answer the COVID questions before allowing you to participate in the practice or enter their practice area.  Masks will be required if a practice is inside the building.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work through each phase of reopening school.  We will send you specific reminders again when we begin the third and last phase of our reopening, which will begin on Wednesday, August 26.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
JPIIHS Academic Administration
Dr. Marlene Hammerle, Principal 
Mr. David Gaffney, Dean of Students
Ms. Melissa Downs, Dean of Innovation and Academic Programs

John Paul II High School