Cardinal Support Services

John Paul II High School is committed to supporting students with a diverse set of academic needs in an environment where all can flourish spiritually, socially, and academically. We do not provide Special Education services or IEPs but diligently work to accommodate each student’s academic needs.

What We Do

We employ Learning Specialists who provide academic interventions, instructional support opportunities, teacher consultations, and communicate with families to help students meet our college preparatory standards.

We offer the following accommodations:
  • Extended time on tests
  • Preferential seating
  • Access to a copy of notes with a good faith effort
  • Scantron exemption/hard copy of tests
  • Use of laptop for writing assignments
  • Testing in a separate location
*NOTE: We cannot provide a reader for tests.

We offer an Academic Coaching class for students who require time with a Learning Specialist to plan, organize, and review content. Students may also schedule regular and as-needed check-ins appointments with a Learning Specialist in our Cardinal Center before/after school or during Cardinal Break.

We assist your child with requesting accommodations for the ACT and College Board exams, but have limited ability to administer school-based SAT/ACT tests.


    • Required Documentation

⇒ Please share your child’s current diagnostic testing and accommodation plan from his/her current school with us.

⇒ We will develop a Student Support Plan (SSP) that best meets the needs of your future Cardinal.

⇒ Diagnostic testing must contain both cognitive and achievement tests and is recommended to have been administered within the last three years. Documentation solely from a medical doctor that does not demonstrate a functional limitation to learning may not be sufficient to request a SSP or obtain accommodations from College Board and ACT.

⇒ Diagnoses written on prescription paper are not sufficient.

Contact Mr. Rock or Dr. McCorkle with any questions at
Mike Rock: (469) 229-5135
Dr. McCorkle: (469) 229-5226

Academic Coaching

Our Academic Coaching class is offered to assist students who require support managing their academic life at JPII. Although it is commonly used by students with diagnosed learning needs, it is available to any student who might benefit with a recommendation by a member of the JPII administrative and/or counseling team.

It is supervised by a JPII Learning Specialist who will review the student’s academic history, and diagnostic information and also discuss the student’s academic history and current level of academic functioning with the student, parents, teachers, and guidance counselors. The class has no grades and students will not receive a credit, yet it does function as a class in their schedule.
    • Academic Coaching Outcomes

Meet Our Team

    • JPII Learning Specialist

      Mr. Mike Rock

    • JPII Learning Specialist

      Dr. Laura McCorkle, PhD

Learning Specialists

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  • Mr. Michael Rock, M.Ed.

    With a background in dyslexia and over 20 years of experience working with students with learning differences, Mike is an expert support to our staff. He is also pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.

  • Dr. Laura McCorkle, Ph.D.

    With a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and over 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator, Dr. McCorkle provides top notch service to our Cardinal Family.


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