About Us

Mission & Vision

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  • Mission Statement

    To develop leaders who are critical thinkers
    and effective communicators, committed
    to service and rooted in faith.
  • Vision Statement

    We will make a difference in the world by
    walking in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II.

Student Creed

Learn, think, decide, communicate: to become a productive and
responsible citizen, dedicated to selfless service to God and community.

School Motto

Seek to Serve.


One Body. Many Parts.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit and grounded in Catholic Social Teaching, we believe that our diversity is an inherent gift that unifies and strengthens our community. True to our Mission, we remain committed to fostering a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive space for all members for the Cardinal Family.

School Prayer

May I live in the world as one who always seeks to serve.
May I live as one who knows the love of God.
Lord, teach me how to live and how to serve.
With my ears may I hear, with my eyes may I see, with my lips may I speak.
May your word be heard through me.
Thus, as I live each day, may love sustain the will to serve. Amen.

John Paul II High School