Vision and Mission


Vision Statement:

We will make a difference in the world by walking in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II.

Mission Statement:

To develop leaders who are critical thinkers and effective
communicators, committed to service and rooted in faith.

School Prayer:

May I live in the world as one who always seeks to serve.
May I live as one who knows the love of God.
Lord, teach me how to live and how to serve.
With my ears may I hear, with my eyes may I see, with my lips may I speak.
May your word be heard through me.
Thus, as I live each day, may love sustain the will to serve. Amen.

Student Creed:

Learn, think, decide, communicate: to become a productive and
responsible citizen, dedicated to selfless service to God and community.

School Motto:

Seek to Serve.