Faith Life at John Paul II High School


John Paul II High School is a diocesan Catholic school. Our Mission statement is to provide the means and opportunity for our Cardinal Family to be “rooted in faith.” Students, faculty, and families have multiple opportunities to live their faith as members of this community.

The entire school population celebrates Mass once a month, gathering together in the large competition gym. The celebrant for these Masses is one of the priest from our seventeen parishes or one of our bishops. Each Wednesday afternoon a Mass is held for one of the four grades. These Class Masses provide a sense of unity and allow the entire grade to gather in worship. Students assist as lectors, hospitality ministers, altar servers, and Eucharistic Ministers at all liturgical celebrations.

Theology classes are required every year a student attends JPIIHS. Part of the Theology class includes a weekly devotion in Chapel. Daily announcements begin with a quote from our patron, St. John Paul II, a Scripture reading with a reflection, and a traditional Catholic prayer. The Christian Service program allows students to demonstrate their understanding of social justice as an integral part of the Catholic faith.

Praying the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, yearly class retreats, Kairos Retreat, attending the Sacrament of Reconciliation, working together on mission trips both in North Texas and Nicaragua - these are all ways we celebrate our faith at John Paul II High School.