Christian Service


Armed with confidence in their abilities and grounded in strong faith, John Paul II High School students seek to serve.  They are introduced to Christ's imperative to serve the needy and the marginalized.  We teach this mission and the theology that supports it in the classroom, and through action.  Accordingly, we require students in each grade level to participate in our Christian Service program.  Supervised by the Christian Service Coordinator, the program complements the students' academic experience by assisting them in developing an orientation towards service.  Each year students volunteer at such service sites as nursing homes, hospitals, soup kitchens, half-way houses, and schools in an effort to reflectively live out what all are commanded to do as Christians.

Our graduates develop a commitment to addressing social and justice issues on a systemic level through their participation in our REACH program. The program is structured to emphasize the service linkage between our students’ high school and their place of worship.

R - Responding to the needs of the community 

E - Embracing the elderly 

A - Affording athletic opportunities to people with special needs

C - Cultivating American ideals of citizenship with immigrant population

H - Helping the homeless

Students have a required number of hours per grade level.  The hours are distributed throughout the school year.

9th grade   - 10 hours: two hours 1st & 3rd quarters, three hours 2nd & 4th quarters
10th grade - 20 hours: five hours each quarter
11th grade - 30 hours: seven hours 1st & 3rd quarters, eight hours 2nd & 4th quarters
12th grade - 40 hours: ten hours each quarter

Please visit the Christian Service Calendar for details about specific service opportunities and important dates!

Christian Service Office Hours:

A Days during 2nd and 3rd period
B Days during 6th and 7th period

The Christian Service Office is located in Room 1135 in the Freshman House.

To schedule an alternative time please contact Ms. Nicki Gonzalez, Coordinator of Christian Service, via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .